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Jack is driving his car while having had a bit too much to drink when he hits a pedestrian. When the police arrives on the scene, he tries to cover up his crime. A little further down the road, three young delinquents do a similar thing with a girl and one of them accidentally looses his penis in the act. Meanwhile, the local supermarket is getting held up by its employee Duffy who needs money for his girlfriend’s abortion. His girlfriend at the same time is cheating on him with another boy but their sexual intercourse ends up badly. And to end up, the girl’s father is trying to cover up a gruesome murder while walking the dog.

Sound and Vision:
11:14 is released as a budget title and it shows as the contrast is a bit off and we tend to see grain and dirt on the image. Still, overall the image quality is still decent.

The sound is mostly dialogue-centered but does come with a DTS track that doesn’t get used at its full potential but does do an excellent job with the material at hand.


11:14 is one of those attempts to have different stories flow together to one big finale but unfortunately, director Greg Marcks succeeds in making the entire movie’s pace go slower and slower resulting in a rather boring experience. Image and sound are decent, and as it’s a budget release you don’t get any decent extras. We would say you can check this out by renting it at the local videostore, but buying is only an option if you want to increase your collection

Our Score:

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