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11th Hour, The

The world is coming to an end, nature is striking back and Leonardo DiCaprio is here to tell us all about just how bad things look for humanity.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality differs quite a lot from scene to scene. There are quite some historical images that come with abysmal quality, but they also stand in large contrast with some of the nature footage that looks extremely well and would almost make you believe there’s paradise on earth.

The sound does what it’s supposed to do but nothing more. But what would you expect differently from a documentary like this?

– User manual and nature’s solutions
– Current solutions
– Our wondrous world
– How we react to a threatening environmental disaster
– Religious perspective

In fact, the extras can be seen through a “play all” option and then we get longer interviews with the people that are also featured in the movie and the good thing is that here the focus is clearly more on how we can avoid disaster. Really good stuff!

The 11th Hour continues in the line of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and again we get to hear just how bad things look for the human race. DiCaprio along with several scientists, leaders of the environmentel movement as well as writers tell us that it’s way past time to get moving and actually do something because Mother Nature is back with a vengeance. All mighty fine to hear but after an hour of repetition on all the things we do wrong, it kinda starts to get boring and there’s no relaxation in sight. Where Al Gore at least tried to easy the tension a bit at times, here it’s like you’re constantly being beaten with a baseball bat and after a while it starts to hurt (or you fall asleep like I did).

The good thing on this dvd, however, are the extras. Through the “Play All” option it’s like you’re watching the continuation of The 11th Hour but then the part where they talk all about how humanity can change this for the better and keep existing on this planet. Somehow I feel ashamed to say this but I found the extras to actually be more interesting than the main feature.

Our Score:

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