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Vince is an electrician who’s family is going through a rough time. The hospital bills for dad are piling up and the family is about to lose their home when Vince overhears a customer talking about earning a buttload of money in only one day. When the man overdoses on drugs, Vince finds a letter with instructions and a cell phone the man received. Vince decides to substitute himself for the guy in the hopes he can earn the money himself and save his family’s future. What he doesn’t realise, however, is that he’s getting himself in a deadly game of Russian roulette with rich people betting on the contestants…

Sound and Vision:
13 is confined mostly to indoor scenes in a remote house and comes over pretty decently. We didn’t spot any major image quality issues and overall we can’t complain with good contrast and decent amount of detail.

The movie is very toned down and that also goes for the sound. The level of detail is very good with plenty of focus on dialogue and some effects like the spinning of the gun chambers. Another thing you might notice is that adding to the atmosphere is the fact that gun shots are actually more silent than you might imagine. There’s no bravoury here and the simple “plof” of the the guns actually enhances the tension. Nice!


With people like Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke and 50 Cent on the cover, you would expect some major fights and action to be popping off the screen, but you can forget about that. 13 is about tension. The tension created by putting a bullet in a gun, spinning the chamber and hoping it won’t go off when the guy behind you pulls his trigger.

The atmosphere of the movie is very tense and with each round that passes, things just get more tense up until the moment the “contest” is over. And then it becomes clear that nobody wins here. A message that comes over very strong and shows there’s been put a lot of thought into the movie despite it’s rather simple concept.

If you’re looking for something else than the general action flick that’s filled with special effects, then 13 is definitely one to get

Our Score:

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