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13th Child: Legend of the Jersey Devil

DA Murphy (Down) gets called in to find out who’s killing and decapitating people in the woods of New Jersey. During her investigation she meets the strange loner mister Shroud (Robertson) who sees himself as a student who studies all life except mankind as he finds humans to be the most horrific killers ever to be created by nature. She also goes to meet Riley, a cop who’s supposed to have killed his partner but insists it was a monster that did it and has been put in a sanatorium and is afraid the monster will be coming after him. She will have to find this insane madman killer before he kills again, or is the legend true and is there indeed a monster that has been going through the woods already for centuries ?

Sound and Vision:
Grain, brightness problems and compression errors bring down the image quality but luckily there aren’t too many film spots and the colors are bright. Also the level of detail is most of the time decent although certain scenes lack some.

The soundtrack is decent but nothing special. Dialogues are nicely positioned at the center speaker while the rest is used for effects and music.


I found myself falling asleep during this film and for a horror flick that doesn’t show much good. The acting is terrible, the script laughable and the dialogues for morons. Need I say more ?

Our Score:

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