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13th Warrior, The

Antonio Banderas plays a banned Arab diplomat (he had something with the farao’s wife) who encounters a bunch of vikings and starts to hang out with them. After a while he understands their language and while they didn’t like him in the beginning, understanding their language seems to be the key to having fun with vikings.

One time, a young viking from another tribe comes to ask for help against “The eaters of the dead” who are terrorising a neighbouring village. 12 brave viking warriors and Banderas as the 13th warrior head off to defeat the foes who are believed not be not human.

A pretty simple story but enjoyable nontheless. Still, the script leaves a lot to discuss as the story is hardly believable at some times (Banderas learning viking language just by listening to them ?).

Sound and Vision:
The screen quality is pretty good although not extraordinary although edge enhancement doesn’t really get noticed and the images are extremely sharp. The Dolby Digital 5.1 sound on the other hand is fantastic. The swordfights, the horn that blows in the fog… you’ll certainly turn around mutliple times while watching this movie, thinking there’s something behind you 🙂

Pretty disappointing as there aren’t any.

The 13th warrior is defenitely not a classic movie and never will be. Nevertheless it is very enjoyable and the sound and image quality are of a very high standard which gives another reason to have this dvd in your collection

Our Score:

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