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1408 2-Disc SE

Mike Enslin is a reasonably popular writer of books on hauntings and supernatural phenomena. He doesn’t believe in them, however, and has never actually experienced anything above the ordinary. One day he receives a postcard the pictures the New York Dolphin hotel with on the back the message “Don’t enter room 1408”. Of course he’s intrigued by this and some research makes him find out that the room apparently is haunted.

Despite having bad memories about New York, he decides to go there anyway and check in. However, hotel manager Gerald Olin strongly suggests him to not go into the room as in its existence no less than 56 people have found their death in it and Olin believes it’s plain evil. This doesn’t scare Enslin though, and little later he’s in 1408 which looks just like any other hotel room.

When little later something strange happens, Enslin thinks someone is trying to scare him, but when he finds out that he’s locked in and has no possibility to get out, his scepticism quickly disappears…

Sound and Vision:
1408 has sharp images, lots of detail and fine contrast. The colors are perfectly set to the atmosphere with some scenes being warm and colorful while others are cold and dark. Compression errors and grain are absent and we can only say that Dutch Filmworks deliver a very good transfer.

The soundtrack does an equally good job with excellent use of the surround speakers, while dialogues are crystal clear. Perfect sound the emphasizes the atmosphere, just as we like it!

– Red Carpet Premiere: some short interviews by the director and main cast on the red carpet just before the premiere of the movie
– Cast & Crew Interviews: some promotional interviews
– Inside the Room: short peek at the set
– According to John Cusack: short feature where John Cusack talks about his character
– Two Alternate Endings
– Liner Notes
– Photo Gallery
– Trailer

The stuff we’re used to get from Dutch Filmworks. In other words: nothing to get excited about.

1408 is the latest movie to be based on a short story by Stephen King and although we often get to see total crap movies based on the writer’s work, this isn’t one of those. The movie centers around John Cusack’s character and his fight with the room and most of the time that will be all that you get to see. This doesn’t bother though, as Cusack does an excellent job and has no problems carrying the whole movie. There are plenty of scare-effects present but at no point does the movie become really gore. Don’t expect blood to be pouring all around, 1408 is more about psychological tension which suits the film perfectly.

Dutch Filmworks delivers a very decent package with a nice-looking metal box, excellent image and sound quality, and a couple of extras for the fans. (although the extras aren’t too interesting) There’s also a Director’s Cut version which has about 9 minutes of extra footage but if you want that one, you’ll have to check out the Blu-ray release

Our Score:

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