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16 Blocks 2-Disc SE

Jack Mosley is a burnt out cop who passes his days at work by doint the stuff his colleagues don’t like and waiting for his retirement. When he’s asked to replace an officer who’s stuck in traffic, he has to get small-time crook Eddie Bunker to the courthouse. Jack isn’t too happy with the situation but takes the assignment and heads off. When Jack sees a perfect opportunity to get a drink in his favorite bar along the way, things go wrong. Eddie almost gets killed by two hitmen and when Jack’s former partner comes along to assist, it quickly becomes clear that Eddie isn’t supposed to reach court. Jack’s sense of morality kicks in however, and he decides to do the right thing. Even with a ton of corrupt cops between them and the courthouse…

Sound and Vision:
We get decent image quality from Dutch Filmworks with good contrast, natural colors and plenty of detail.

The soundtrack comes with DTS as we’re getting used from DFW and it sound perfectly balanced with clear dialogues and the surround speakers kicking in for effects and music. Good stuff.

– Behind the Scenes
– Interviews with cast&crew
– Alternate Ending
– Film Clips
– Photo Gallery
– Liner Notes
– Trailer

All the usual stuff we tend to get from Dutch Filmworks with equal quality.

Bruce Willis is clearly aging but as such he’s perfectly cast as the bunt out Jack Mosley who has to choose between looking the other way as he’s used to, or do the right thing and protect his witness. The rest of the cast is also of equal quality with especially David Morse doing a terrific job as the leader of the corrupt cops. No need to say that the acting is at a very high level for this type of movie.

Richard Donner has taken a break in directing after Timeline (which wasn’t all that great) but this latest action movie shows he’s back with some good work. The storyline is as such pretty simple and the plot twists aren’t really unexpected, but the professionalism with which everything is done makes 16 Blocks step out of the shadow of averageness. Don’t expect the class of a movie like Training Day, but we do get some solid action coupled with a tiny bit of Willis-humour while there’s nothing that really gets on your nerves.

Dutch Filmworks has released 16 Blocks in their usual “blockbuster” format which means you get a nice-looking steelbook case that includes a second disc with pretty average extras. and good image and sound quality. We keep loving the fact that they constantly release dvd’s with a DTS track!

Our Score:

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