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2 Fast 2 Furious

After Brian O’Connor (Walker) let his his friend Dom Toretto go in The Fast & The Furious, he’s lost his badge. He decides to go all over the country and to earn money, he drives in illegal street races.
The cops are chasing him, but he manages to stay one steep ahead of them until he reaches Miami. There he gets caught but instead of being thrown in jail, he gets a proposal: together with another driver, he needs to infiltrate the organisation of a local drug lord and get evidence of crimes before the dealer leaves the country. Walker decides to contact his old friend Roman Pierce (Tyrese) and together they will enlist in the crime organisation. What they don’t know however, is that their lives are at stake…

Sound and Vision:
The Fast & The Furious on DVD was excellent and had perfect image and sound quality. With this DVD, John Singleton and Universal bring us more of the same. The image excells in scharpness, detail and special effects while disturbing elements like edge enhancement and compression errors are nowhere to be seen.

The soundtrack is pounding like in the previous movie and you can almost see the music coming off your screen. Truly amazing !

There’s tons of extras available, starting with a short movie which shows you what happens between The Fast & The Furious and 2 Fast 2 Furious. Once you’ve checked out the film, you can take a look at several features that give inside view of how the production was made including stunts, actors, cars, and so on. Of course there’s also an audio track available but more fun is the feature where you get to see how the Mitsubishi Evo gets tuned from a very sportive car to a really mad streetracer. We end with deleted scenes, outtakes and a music clip. Definitely extra’s you want to check out !

People that didn’t like The Fast & The Furious will probably not like this movie either as it’s quite a bit of the same. However, people that did like the previous film should definitely take a look at this one as the acting is still pretty good and the special effects and races are brought in picture in a very special way and are extremely well-done. Combine that with perfect image & sound aswell as a buttload of interesting extras and you’ve got a killer-dvd!

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