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July 7th, 2012

Underworld: Awakening


Mankind has discovered Vampires and Lycans exist and have gone to war with them. After twelve years, the vampires have gone totally underground while the lycans are almost extinct. Selene, having been captured by humans, awakens from a cryogenic sleep in the laboratories of Antigen and finds out experiments have been done on her as […]


True Blood – Season 4


Sookie leaves the Fairy world after finding out things aren’t all as great as imagined and returns to Bon Temps to find out that during her short trip to Fairyland a full year has past. Bill has become the new vampire king, Jason has sold off Sookie’s house, Tara has left Bon Temps for New […]


John Carter


John Carter is a civil war veteran who’s had it with people and is only interested in himself and finding gold. When the Army “asks” him to join, he “kindly” refuses and as a result gets locked up in jail. He manages to escape but gets chased by the military until they encounter a bunch […]