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July 12th, 2012

Pachter: Next Xbox will be your TV!


During Develop, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter made sure to put down yet another interesting quote. He believes that Microsoft has a strategy that will take over the world, make “Smart TV” obsolete, and make the next Xbox your television. His words: “Console will have to be multiple purpose devices, though. The Xbox 720, this […]


New writers hired for upcoming God of War movie


The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, who are most well-known for writing four of the Saw movies, have been hired by Universal to rewrite the script for the upcoming God of War movie. Next to Saw, the two have also worked with Guillermo Del Toro on Pacific Rim. The initial […]


Valve: Steam discounts don't devaluate IP


Countering Origin senior vice president David DeMartini’s earlier claim that discounts via digital distribution decrease the value of a game and hurt intellectual property (as well as sales) in the long run, Valve’s business development chief Jason Holtman told Eurogamer it’s actually the opposite: discounts help companies build their franchises, gain additional interest and build […]


EA's next CEO: Peter Moore?


The rumour mill is spinning again as Gamefront is reporting that an anonymous source “close to the matter” has revealed to them that EA’s Board is looking at replacing CEO John Riccitiello. Following the company’s declining stock values, EA’s Board is apparently about to vote whether or not to replace Riccitiello by EA Sports boss […]