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August, 2012

Studio Liverpool: Lemmings to the slaughterhouse


Following rumours over at GRcade, Sony has issued a statement, officially announcing they’ve closed down Studio Liverpool, the publisher and developer that was formerly known as Psygnosis. “As part of SCE Worldwide Studios, we do regular reviews to ensure that the resources we have can create and produce high quality, innovative and commercially viable projects […]


Faces of Rome gets a Making Of


The Creative Assembly, the people behind the upcoming RTS Total War: Rome 2, today released a “Making of” video for the live action trailer “The Faces of Rome” that was released earlier. In the video, Director Will McGregor talks through the creation of the epic live action trailer, he describes his and The Creative Assembly’s […]


Spec Ops: The Line gets free DLC


2K Games had a nice announcement today for people who bought Yager’s Spec Ops: The Line: the previously announced free multiplayer co-op DLC is now available! The official description: The cooperative bonus content in Spec Ops: The Line features a series of objective-based cooperative multiplayer scenarios set in Dubai after a series of cataclysmic sandstorms […]


Future Soldier DLC Raven Strike announced


Ubisoft has sent out word that on September 11th the Raven Strike Pack DLC for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will become available. PS3 gamers will have to wait one day longer. The pack comes with three campaign missions, larger maps, increased difficulty level and a Guerrilla Mode Map. Price for the goodies will be 1200 […]

Read More... gets trailered


During Gamescom, Capcom announced, a new online service that would launch alongside the release of Resident Evil 6. In the announcement they also stated they would be releasing a trailer that would give more information about the service’s features and that video has now been released. Check it out below:


The Making of Assassin's Creed 3: Rise Trailer


Ubisoft has released a Making Of video for the Assassin’s Creed 3 live action “Rise” trailer that was released on July 4th. Next to going behind the scenes of the live action RISE trailer we also get to hear the thoughts of the game’s Creative Director, Alex Hutchinson, on how Ubisoft depicted the struggles of […]


UK Charts: Sleeping Dogs wide awake


As expected, with the end of the Olympics ended the reign of Sega’s London 2012: The Official Videogame. The new king of the hill is Square Enix’ and United Front Games’ Sleeping Dogs. We’re pretty sure Activision is feeling sorry for cancelling True Crime: Hong Kong (previous name of Sleeping Dogs) back in the day. […]


OnLive is dead, All Hail OnLive


Following yesterday’s news that cloud gaming company OnLive had gone into some sort of bankruptcy, a press release was sent out today to announce some good news. That good news states that following the “Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors”, the assignee of the company’s assets sold all of OnLive, Inc.’s assets (including its technology, […]


Ascension: Kratos won't be a sociopath


Polygon spoke with God of War: Ascension lead designer Mark Simon at Gamescom, finding out that in the upcoming prequel, we’ll see a less violent Kratos than in the original trilogy. Do take the “less violent” with a grain of salt though. It’s just that Kratos won’t be killing innocent bystanders for fun: “For example, […]


Bioware: No SP campaign for Generals 2


Speaking with PCGamer, Bioware Victory general manager John Van Caneghem said that Command & Conquer: Generals 2 will not have a singleplayer campaign at launch and will instead focus on co-op and skirmish games. Bioware Victory general manager John Van Caneghem told me last week that Generals 2 will ship without a single player mode. […]


Massive layoffs at OnLive, company sold [UPDATE]


Update: OnLive has issued an official statement, saying that the company’s assets have been sold to an unnamed buyer and that the cloud gaming service will remain available under the wings of a newly formed company. The statement was sent by email which reads as follows: We can now confirm that the assets of OnLive, […]


Gamescom Trailers: Borderlands 2


2K Games and Gearbox have released a couple of trailers for Borderlands 2 that are on display at Gamescom. All three focus on weapons and the manufacturers that produce them in the game. As such we get to see the Maliwan, Tediore, and Vladof brands display their goods below:


Splinter Cell: Blacklist gets extended walkthrough


Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Splinter Cell: Blacklist in which Creative Director Maxime Beland give us more insight on the new features of Splinter Cell Blacklist. Find out more about the enhanced gameplay and new moves of Sam Fisher in the video below: Splinter Cell Blacklist will be released in Spring 2013 on […]


Gamescom Trailer: Star Wars: The Old Republic


Bioware and the Star Wars: The Old Republic team have released a sneak peek into the game’s future during this week’s Gamescom. There will be new Operations, new Warzones, new custom items, the new playable Cathar race and more.


Fragland Arcade Relaunched!


As some may know, next to and, we also used to have a sub-site called Fragland Arcade where we had several webgames you could play in your browser. Due to moving to a new host, we didn’t have the possibility to move over Arcade at the same time, and as such we had […]


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