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July, 2013

Multiplayer trailer Batman: Arkham Origins

First there was Rocksteady who made the hit game Batman: Arkham Asylum for Eidos. Then Rocksteady did it again with Batman: Arkham City, but then for Warner Bros. Now Warner themselves are coming up with a new Batman game, Batman: Arkham Origins, but instead of Rocksteady from London Warner Montreal was hired to do the […]


Dev Diary The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

2K Marin has put a development diary on the web in which the devs talk a bit about the narrative of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and how this helps them create an immersive action shooter.


Battlefield 4 shows off Battlelog features


DICE and Electronic Arts have released a new trailer for the impending release of their multiplayer shooter, Battlefield 4, and this shows us an overview of the official features that will be available through the online medium Battlelog:


Oz The Great and Powerful


We all know the fairytale about The Wizard of Oz, in which Dorothy Gale gets transported by a tornado from Kansas to the magical land of Oz to go searching for the powerful wizard Oz who’s supposed to be able to get her back to her world. That classic from 1939 (starring Judy Garland in […]


G.I. Joe: Retaliation


After Cobra Commander and Destro got captured in the first movie by the joes Cobra seems decapitated but with Zartan disguised as the president of the US at the head of the most powerful nation in the world and Storm Shadow secretly expanding the criminal organisation they’re ready to strike back as never before The […]


No internet = No Xbox One


After all the commotion during E3 regarding the fact that you would need a permanent internet connection to be able to play with your Xbox One, Microsoft was smart enough to take a U-turn and get rid of that requirement: you would not need a permanent connection and the console would NOT do a regular […]


Gameplay of Mad Max

Warner and Avalanche Software have sent out a “gameplay reveal” trailer into the world for their upcoming game based on the iconic Mad Max movies. In all honesty though, we do feel the need to say there’s also plenty of CGI footage present in the video below: To be released on PS4 and Xbox One.


Jesse en THE BONEZ in Killer is Dead

End of August Deep Silver will release Killer is Dead, the newest game by Grasshopper, so they found it to be the right time to release another new trailer. Whether we feel that music gig is so great is another thing…


Last defense for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

2K Games has released a new trailer for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, their upcoming first person shooter set in the XCOM universe.




Parker (Jason Statham) may be a criminal, he doesn’t have a conscience: he only steals from the rich, and he always does what he says. After a succesful robbery of a carnival, Parker is asked by his accomplices to participate in a much bigger operation, but he will have to give back his cut from […]


Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters


We all know the fairytale of Hansel & Gretel, how as little children they were left behind in the forest, found a house made of candy, inhabited by a witch who wanted to make them fat and then eat them, and how they finally managed to beat her and escape. But what happened afterwards to […]


The Last Stand


Sheriff Owens is a former member of a special police unit in Los Angeles, but after years of fighting crime he’s had it and wants to end his days in the quiet little town of Somerton where the worst offence usually is a wrongly parked car. That changes drastically, however, when a dangerous drug cartel […]


Chuck – Season 5


At the end of season 4, Chuck finally got rid of the Intersect but instead his best friend Morgan Grimes accidentally got put up with it. Of course this brings forth the necessary complications, not the least the fact that this version of the Intersect contains a bug that affects the memory as well as […]


First gameplay footage Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto is a title that Always hits like a bomb, especially when we’re talking about an entirely new game and not just an expansion. And that’s the case with GTA V which will very probably break just about every game sales record once again. Except for maybe Call of Duty. Rockstar today released […]