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21 Grams

Cristina Peck is happily married and has two daughters. One day, however, her entire family is killed in an accident. Jack Jordan is the man responsible for the accident as he was driving the car that caused it. Paul Rivers has a heart disease and is dying but thanks to the accident, he manages to get the heart of Cristina’s husband. Feeling guilty for having gotten a second chance with the heart, Paul decides to get into contact with Cristina and the two of them go out, looking for the man responsible for the accident.

Sound and Vision:
There’s quite some grain present and overall the image quality doesn’t look all too great. However, don’t be fooled by this as it’s done intentionally. A decent transfer that shows the image just as it was intended to be (although you might think not)

21 Grams has a decent soundtrack that doesn’t use the surround speakers and subwoofer a lot but due to the nature of the movie this is quite normal. Dialogues are very clear and understandable and it’s nice to see we get a DTS track even for this type of movies.

Behind The Scenes: short look behind the scenes with mostly the director talking about the story and why he wanted to make this movie.

21 Grams has a buildup that’s getting more and more popular these days. The story isn’t shown chronologically but towards the end everything comes together nicely. Also the cast does an excellent job and although not everyone will appreciate the movie, it’s certainly something to check out if you’re a moviefan. Paradiso delivers 21 Grams just as it was intended when it comes to image and sound but the extras are a bit on the thin side.

Our Score:

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