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28 Days Later (SE)

A couple of activists enter a government facility where experiments are done on monkeys. They want to liberate the poor animals but don’t realise they’re all injected with a virus which causes unstoppable rage. Once out, the virus is unstoppable and in a nick of time, England is overrun by zombie-like people who do nothing but kill or infect others.

28 days after infection, delivery man Jim wakes up in the hospital from an accident to find it completely abandoned. When he leaves the hospital he wanders through streets which are empty and it looks like London is completely dead. He enters a church and finds a priest who’s infected with the virus. Followed by several zombies, he tries to escape and gets rescued by two survivors, Selena and Mark. Jim wants to go back to his parents house but once arrived there he finds them dead in bed after they committed suicide.

Little later, Mark gets infected and Selena kills him. When they return back to London, they run into a couple of other survivors who tell them there is a bunch of soldiers in Manchester who are sending out a message that they’ve found the cure to the virus. After a short discussion, the group makes the decision to travel to Manchester to join the bunch of surviving military in the hope that life can return back to normal. But before that, they have to make the dangerous travel to Manchester…

Sound and Vision:
The grain we get to see in this movie is meant to be there. The way the movie is filmed is very paculiar and uses special techniques. Unfortunately, the dvd does contain edge enhancement which is a real bummer, especially in dark places (and there are quite a lot) it’s very visible. For the rest we get a lot of different color palettes, different film styles and a combination of bright colors followed by a lot of red. Some very minor damage is present aswell but not disturbing.

The soundtrack is nice and sounds voluminous while rear channels and subwoofer are well used to create a thrilling atmosphere while the dialogues are clear and nicely coming from the center speaker. As it should be.

We start off with an audio commentary track followed by an interesting “Making Of” after which we can check out some deleted scenes and even an alternate ending (not as good as the one in the movie) with optional commentary. Next up are a video clip and the theatrical trailer. Not really much but good and interesting enough to keep you busy for a while.

28 Days Later isn’t your everyday zombie movie where the monsters are terrifying in their ability to be extremely slow. Nope, the adrenaline-pumped zombies are extremely fast and even when on fire they do their best to kill you. The images you get to see (abandoned London is very impressive) are really a feast for this movie and while most horror movies hardly focus on the characters and storyline, here we get to see some characters with real emotions (and insanity).

Danny Boyle, the man who brought us Trainspotting and Shallow Grave, again prooves us he’s capable of creating great movies in different genres and with actors that are hardly know to the general public (he’s the one who discovered Ewan McGregor btw). I can’t wait to see what he’ll come up with next. Meanwhile, get this dvd (unless you don’t like violence).

Our Score:

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