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28 Weeks Later

After the rage virus broke out, England has been put completely in quarantine and almost everyone has died or been turned into raging killers. When there were hardly any normal people left, the infected started to die of famine and now 28 weeks later the US Army has started to repopulate the country, starting with London. One of the survivors is Don who got separated from his wife Alice during an attack by the infected and believes she’s dead. Luckily for him, his kids Tammy and Andy were abroad on a school trip when the virus broke out and now that civilization is returning to London, he gets reunited with them. The kids break out of the secured zone to go to their old house to collect some stuff where they find their mother is still alive and, despite being bitten, hasn’t turned. Little later, biologist Scarlet finds out that Alice has immunity for the virus, but does have it in her blood and is as such a carrier for it. Don is heartbroken when he finds out Alice is still alive and immediately wants to see her. However, seconds after he kisses her, he turns into a raging madman and goes on a killing spree.

Little later, the secured zone gets overrun by newly infected people and the military gets the order to shoot anything that moves…

Sound and Vision:
There are some minor compression errors but you really have to be on the lookout to spot them. For the rest things are very good with very sharp images and plenty of detail.

The sound perfectly fits the movie with good use of the surround speakers while dialogues are always clear and understandable. Also the subwoofer gets its piece of the action.

– Audio Commentary by director and one of the writers
– Making Of 28 Weeks Later
– The Infected
– Taking Action
– 28 Days Later
– Deleted Scenes

The extras are quite good for a change and give some decent insight in how the movie was made. Very interesting and the fans will no doubt love checking these out.

28 Weeks Later is a pumped up version of Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later with more action, more blood and more gore. Is that a bad thing? Not in this case! Director Fresnadillo brings a few new elements to the table: the possibility of a cure as well as the fact that the infected still have some sort of intelligence and feelings. These keep the movie interesting and where the first one focused on a couple of survivors, this time it’s one person and his family that are the center which brings an interesting angle.

The tension will never be far away and you’ll be clustered to the screen when watching 28 Weeks Later. And once you’ve finished watching the movie, the extras will keep you busy for some more time. Excellent DVD and definitely one to have!

Our Score:

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