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30 Days of Night 2-Disc SE

Barrow, Alaska, is the most northern town in the US. So close to the North Pole, every year it undergoes a period of 30 days where there’s no sunlight.

The last day that contains sunlight, the local sheriff is called out to investigate the death of all the sledge dogs in town. Little later, he gets a call that several satellite phones are stolen and found back burnt. When the operator of the cell tower is found dead, it becomes clear that something really strange is going on but what the people of the town don’t realise yet is that they’re under attack of a gruesome bunch of vampires and sunlight won’t be around for another 30 days…

Sound and Vision:
The image is pretty good with icy cold sceneries that make you feel shilly even in your living room. Several scenes look like to have come straight out of a photo album, truly an accomplishment. Nothing bad to be said about the image quality except for some very minor edge enhancement here and there.

The sound does a nice job with a DTS track that is very dynamic and uses the surround speakers and subwoofer almost to its fullest potential. Not that we haven’t heard better though, but it’s ranking up with the top movies.

The usual stuff from Dutch Filmworks as we’ve gotten to know it oh so well:
– Production Diaries
– Creating the World of 30 Days of Night (Making Of)
– TV Spots
– Behind the Scenes
– Cast & Crew interviews
– Film Clips
– Liner Notes
– Photo Gallery

30 Days of Night starts out really well with an icy cold atmosphere that immediately reminded me of the cult horror film The Thing where a bunch of scientists get attacked by an alien life form. Unfortunately, where The Thing manages to keep you at the tip of your toes until the very ending, 30 Days of Night doesn’t. Halfway through the movie (once the vampires show their face) things start to fall down like a house of cards. The plot doesn’t come over very convincing and the vampires may be very strong but they’re not all that clever, making you wonder how they’ve managed to survive for centuries and make mankind believe “they’re only a nightmare”. The fact that they seem to communicate by making some noises and hardly speak out loud (except for a couple of words of English and for the rest some slavic language) makes it all the more stupid.

30 Days of Night could have become a great movie if the director would have continued the path he had set out with more subtle feelings of danger as the moment we see blood drinking all the tension just falls away and we’re set for the usual slasherfest.

Our Score:

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