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4400 Season 2, The

Tom has been taken off field duty but not for long. As Diana has had multiple colleagues working with her without any of them really being suitable, Tom is requested to go back in the field as he’s one of the few experts on the 4400 and it’s clear that the government can use him. Diana is getting used to having Maia around as her adopted daughter but while everyone’s convinced that Maia isn’t having anymore premonitions but when Diana’s sister April moves in for a while, it becomes clear that Maia has been saying this just to be seen as “normal”. Meanwhile, Shawn is becoming more and more important for Jordan Collier as his healing powers are the key to setting up a new cult surrounding the 4400. Collier himself is suffering from strange attacks caused by Isabelle, the newborn baby of Lilly and Richard and only Shawn is capable of stopping them. That doesn’t hold back Collier from looking for Isabelle as he believes she is the key to the future of the 4400. Of course each episode also covers specific powers of some of the 4400 as well as the rinkle effect they have on the world.

Sound and Vision:
Paramount delivers a nice package with four discs that contain decent image quality that only suffers from some occasional ghosting, mild grain and edge enhancement.

The 5.1 soundtrack is excellent with good use of the subwoofer and surround channels while the dialogues remain crystal clear.


This second season of The 4400 continues the storylines laid out in the first season including the personal development of the many main characters, accompanied by following the unleashed powers of one (or more) specific 4400 in each episode. This makes for a very interesting series that makes you want to watch every next episode without ever getting boring. The acting is pretty decent and the overall quality of the series is top notch and even if you haven’t seen the first season, it’s easy to get into this second one pretty fast. Paramount has released season 2 in a similar package as the first season but again we don’t get any extras which is a pitty.

Our Score:

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