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Without a Trace – Season 1

Without a Trace follows an FBI team that is occupied in finding people that are missing. Each episode, Jack Malone (LaPaglia) and his team which consists of Samantha Spade (Montgomery), Vivian Johnson (Jean-Baptiste), Danny Taylor (Murciano) and newcomer Martin Fitzgerald (Close), go out to solve a case of a missing person. Usually, someone needs to be found within the first 48 hours, otherwise they’ll be lost. However, this isn’t always the case and in this first season we get to see a multitude of different assignments.

The episodes will show lost husbands, wives & children, murderers on a rampage, pedophiles kidnapping and raping youngsters, witness protection program people on the run, etc etc etc.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is very good for a TV-series with bright and vibrant colors, absolutely no compression errors and hardly any grain. One of the best transfers of a TV-series yet.

While the image is good, the soundtrack is fantastic. And I’m not only talking about the technicalities this time but also the music itself. It’s perfectly chosen to accompany the different situations, comes in nicely when necessary and fades when it should and thus creates the perfect atmosphere for each moment. On the technical point of view, things are quite alright and there’s nothing to complain, but I really think this show should receive some kind of award for its soundtrack.

Each disc contains a couple of deleted scenes.
Disc 4 contains the real extra’s :
– The Motive: a pretty decent feature on how the show came to exist
– Fingerprints: another interesting feature about the people behind the series

It doesn’t happen too often when I’m impressed by a TV series but Without a Trace is by far the best I’ve seen in a long time. Each episode covers one specific case, the storylines are great, the acting top notch, and the obligatory “romantic or dramatic twists” aren’t put in all too obviously to stretch an episode. Instead, you get to learn the characters by small remarks that get said throughout the different cases and this is something highly contrary to the usual “let’s have 5 minutes of character-building” that all too often is used in TV-series. A must-have for any fan of detective series.

Our Score:

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