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4D Rulers talk Gore

How is it to work on a game with your family (Rick and Nick)?

It’s pretty good. We’ve been working together in family businesses for over a decade, so you could say I’m used to it

What is the storyline behind Gore?

The year is 2085, Earth has been in chaos for nearly 40 years. With power loss and resources deminishing in most cities, law and order have nearly failed. Crime lords emerged, fighting amongst each other, until falling under the control of one leader, known as Brain. Brain, an ex-military strategist was court-marshalled for insubordination and mental disorders.
Brain turned the packs of gun wielding thieves into a tight military-like organization known as the Mercenaries Of Brain (MOB). The government had almost fallen apart trying to defend government officials and maintain its military forces by researching new power sources. Finally scientists discovered a new energy source deep within the core of the earth. This precious green-glowing substance was later to be known as Ore.

Ore was such a powerful energy source that everyone wanted it. The government soon struck back against the MOB, joining forces with other governments around the world and formed the United Marine Corp (UMC). The UMC developed high technology uses for Ore such as limb-replacement, advanced space travel and weaponry.
The most important break-through was dimension-shifting which allowed teleportation of people or objects to other locations anywhere in the universe. Even time could be disrupted by dimension-shifting.
The dimension shifter facility was taken over by a late night MOB attack and the crime lords had soon become an evident threat to the UMC. Through dimension-shifting, the MOB searched other galaxies for Ore rich planets and began mining them. The mining crews were violently exterminated and their equipment disappeared.
The MOB suspected it to be a mutiny and a coverup, then sent more Ore mining crews. A full battalion of MOB militia was sent to make sure the ore was safely extracted and returned to Earth. Almost the entire Task-Force was exterminated, with only a few leaders escaping.
The MOB had opened a gateway to another galaxy inhabited by hostile aliens (Gorothians), hellbent on the extermination of the race who dared violate their home.
A three way war had begun between the MOB, the Gorothians and the UMC. Citizens began refering to the 3-way blood bath over Ore as “Gore”.

You are Sargent Jack Feilding an elite UMC soldier and are called into a secret briefing at 0 four hundred hours.
“All hell is Breaking Loose” said General Richtor.
“The MOB has messed with aliens from the Gorothian galaxy, and they are pissed!”. “Intelligence reports the Gorothians already killed the crime lords who had our shifters and are using the shifters to invade our past in order to mine our Ore in the 1300’s! if we don’t stop them, were history”. “Our Ore is evaporating before our very eyes and worse than that, the shifting facility is overrun by the Gorothians” says the General.
“I can take care of that” you boldly say.
“Lets hope so, troop. There is an Apache waiting outside to take you up the mountain, you’re on your own after that. Any questions?” asks the General.
“No sir” you answer.
“Get going then and good luck!” sighs the General.

Gore will have the ability to shoot off limbs and stuf… That was pretty amazing untill the release of Soldier of Fortune. Will Gore have a likewise type of shooting off stuff or will there be differences?

Gore will handle it differently. SOF is great, but the models are composed of segments. Gore can have a contiguous mesh for the character, and still blow limbs off

How violent will Gore be? Will it be a fragfest, or will it be (under pressure of current mediahype) released in different version (like going from “Let’s kill those suckers !” to nerdy “Oh ! An Alien ! Let’s make friends !”)?

Gore will be a hardcore violent game. Serious action and carnage. Realism

NPC’s will interact with you in the game. Will they interact like in Half-Life or Daikatana?

Yes, except there will be more commands you can give them than just follow or stay.

How many weapons in total will there be, and will there be good and bad things in each weapon?

Lots of weapons. Unknown how many at this point. We’ve already got a full blown arsenal for the multiplayer portion and single player will have even more stuff added as we finish it. The weapons are realistic. If you shoot the floor with a rocket, your gonna die. If you breath too much nerve gas, your gonna die. If you get lit on fire and burn too long, your gonna die

Will there be cut-scenes in Gore like in Soldier of Fortune?

Were going to try and do it all first person, in game. It will be done with the engine like SOF, but it will stay first person as much as possible

Out of how many characters will you be able to choose your character, and will there be substantial differences between them?

That is a secret πŸ™‚ Yes, substantial differences

Any idea of when we might expect Gore to be released?

The end of this year

Thanks for answering our questions πŸ™‚

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