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51st State, The

Elroy McElroy (Jackson) is a chemist who came into the drug scene after he got arrested by an arrogant cop who caught him smoking a joint while driving to his school for graduation. He now has created a new drug which is 51 times stronger than the strongest drug in the world and his boss, The Lizard (Meat Loaf), is anxious to bring this new pil to the market. Elroy however has other plans and blows up the laboratort with the lizard still in it and leaves to the UK. The Lizard survived the explosion and sends one of his killers, Dakota, to the UK to get rid of anyone who wants to buy the formula from Elroy.

When Elroy arrives in London he gets teamed up with Felix DeSouza (Carlyle) who has to protect him and bring Elroy to his boss to make a deal. DeSouza however is more interested in the next game of his favorite soccer club than protecting Elroy.

Sound and Vision:
There’s quite a lot of grain present and the amount of edge enhancement doesn’t really help the image quality either. The level of detail suffers because of this but luckily the high bitrate prevents compression errors to be present. Overall nothing special.

The 5.1 track is impressive with loads of special effects coming out of the surround channels while dialogues are positioned where they should be: the center speaker. Also the subwoofer gets lots of action and we can only applaud for that.

We get a couple of short interview fragments from the electronic press kit, shots of important places in Liverpool, a photo gallery and a B-roll which gives some behind-the-scenes footage. All but interesting

The 51st State contains quite a lot of comedy next to the action and is very enjoyable. The image quality could have been better but the soundtrack is marvellous. Only pitty that the extras are so disappointing.

Our Score:

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