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51st State, The

After his graduation, Elmo McElroy (Jackson) gets busted by a cop on smoking a joint while driving. Years later he’s the in-house drug man of a mobster called The Lizard (Meat Loaf). When he’s finally developed the ultimate drug which is 51 times stonger than any known drug and completely consists out of completely legal substances, The Lizard is more than anxious to bring the drug on the market. Unfortunately for him, Elmo has other plans and blows up his boss. McElroy travels to the UK to sell the drug for 20 million. Once arrived he gets escorted by Felix DeSousa but rather than being interested in the drug, Felix seems to be looking out more to the next game of his favorite soccer club. When Felix’s girlfriend Dakota pops up, things become a bit more complicated than the two guys had expected; the Lizard survived the bomb and is on his way to the UK.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is reasonably with good detail but too much filmgrain and edge enhancement while also the contrast and and level of detail could have been a bit better.

Although the image could have been better, the Dolby Digital track is really marvellous. From the beginning to the end you’ll have the surround channels shooting effects to your ears while the subwoofer comes in plenty of times. You might think the dialogues might suffer from this bombardment on your home theater system but luckily they survive very well and are clear and well-positioned coming out of the center speaker. Really great !

Nothing really special. We start off with a couple of short interviews that have their origin from an electronic press kit, followed by a B-roll which has some behind-the-scenes footage. Last we get some trailers, photo galleries and some shots from Liverpool

The 51st State is a pretty funny movie with good acting from Jackson and Robert Carlyle. The humor is a combination with dry English comedy and flat-out American jokes. Something for everyone you could say. The extras aren’t as interesting as we had hoped and the image quality could have been better but the bright side is that the soundtrack is really amazing and worth to check out.

Our Score:

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