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7 Days to Live

Martin and his wife Ellen have recently lost their son who choked on some food. Because they want to try to start up a new life, Martin buys a new house in the country and they move there as soon as possible. Once there however, Ellen starts getting strange messages that she only has a couple of days left alive. When she tells this to Martin, he doesn’t believe her and thinks she’s having a nervous breakdown. However, as time comes closer to the moment Ellen will die, Martin is starting to act stranger and stranger so Ellen decides to find out what happened to the mansion that made it stay available for 23 years.

Little later, she learns that something very strange happened to the last inhabitants, the woman was found drowned in her seat, while the husband was sitting in the corner, watching her without saying anything…

Sound and Vision:
Some scenes are a bit on the soft side and there’s some minor damage but overall the quality is decent.

Despite the fact that there’s only a 2.0 track, the sound is pretty decent.


7 days to live is the debut movie of director Sebastian Niemann who had previously won a special price at the International Festival of the Fantastic Movie in Brussels with a short horror movie. There are a lot of references to other horror movies like The Shining (the most apparant seeing that the story resembles Stephen King’s story a lot) and The Amityville horror. The coverdisc states the movie is in the style of “Misery” as well, but I fail to see where they get that.

7 Days to Live is a low budget movie but although completely made with German money, it does look quite international, especially with the cast that was selected aswell as the location (I never knew there were American-like houses in the Czech Republic).

All in all, this is a nice film that you may enjoy if you like the genre, definately a DVD you should rent.

Our Score:

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