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8 Mile

Jimmy Smith (Eminem) is a young white rapper who wishes to become famous with his music. He’s saving his money to get a demo recorded and meanwhile he’s taking on small jobs here and here. His friend Future presents a weekly rap contest and wants Jimmy to participate but when Jimmy finally comes on stage, he freezes up and can’t say a word anymore, thus loosing his face. When things at home are getting worse with her mother getting evicted from her trailer, time is getting urgent for Jimmy to get the demo recorded and a music contract in his pocket.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is reasonably good although we do get some slight edge enhancement and minor compression artefacts. Could have been better but nothing really disturbing enough to irritate you.

The soundtrack gets the same comment: decent but not outstanding. A movie where music is this important could have used a bit more punch and more use of surround channels.

We start off with a very interesting “Making Of” which gives us some more background on the characters and how Eminem used his own experiences to get into his role. Second up there’s a very funny feature which shows that on the set there was a real rap contest where the winners could do the finals against Eminem himself. Really funny to see J. Last we get a listing of all music that is featured in the movie along with the possibility to view the scenes where certain songs are used, the original movie trailer and trailers for 2 Fast 2 Furious and The Hulk. Entertaining extra’s although it could have been a bit more.

8 Mile is a terrific movie with an extraordinary Kim Basinger who plays Eminem’s mom with such dedication that you would think she’s some low life white trash while Eminem hmiself prooves he’s quite good at acting. The extras aren’t much but entertaining and isn’t that what DVD’s are about ?

Our Score:

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