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The Big Bang Theory – Season 6


The Big Bang Theory has by now reached its sixth season and where the focus in the first seasons was towards the rather weird behaviour of the lead characters and their uneasy relationship with the “beautiful girl next door”, meanwhile things are more about the relationships between each other and their “geeky” behaviour has been […]


Now You See Me


Illusionist Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg), escape artist Henley Reeves (Isla Fisher), mentalist Merritt McKinney (Woody Harrelson) and street wizard Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) are without a doubt amongst the best in their profession, even though they’re no internationally known stars. One day they all get a Tarot card with on them a date and location […]


The Purge


It’s 2022 and to get out of the economic crisis the US made some radical changes. There are new “Founding Fathers”, the economy runs as never before, and crime has been all but eradicated. The cause of all this beauty? “The Purge”! One day a year during 12 hours everything is allowed without any consequences. […]




Jason Statham is Joey Jones, a former Special Forces soldier who in Afghanistan saw his entire platoon shot to pieces in front of his eyes. Following that traumatic event he went on a killing spree after which Joey ran from the Military Police who want to bring him in front of a courtmartial. We find […]


Grimm – Season 2


In the second season of Grimm, our hero, detective Nick Burkhardt, has gotten used to being a “Grimm” and seeing all kinds of wonderous (and dangerous) beings. Together with his werewolf friend Monroe he fights the “Wesen” that have bad things on their mind and this is going a lot better already than in the […]


Dark Skies


The Barrette family doesn’t have it easy. Lacy is trying to sell houses in all but great economic times, while her husband Daniel got laid off in a reorganisation and now has to keep the Household in order and look after their two sons. Their lives quickly get even more grimm when at night strange […]


Pacific Rim


In 2013 a rift opened in the Pacific Ocean which a monster from a parallel dimension appeared. After several days of combat and the loss of a large portion of San Francisco the military forces of Earth managed to defeat it. However, this wasn’t an isolated attack but the first of many to follow so […]


World War Z


Former UN investigator Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is waiting in his car together with the rest of his family for the daily traffic jams of Philadelphia to move a few meters forward when they suddenly see an explosion ahead. Gerry wants to step out to get a better view on what’s going on but a […]


Despicable Me 2


Supervillain Gru is back, but after the events in Despicable Me things have changed quite a bit. Instead of grand schemes like stealing the moon, Gru has become a better person and now tries to take care of his foster kids Margo, Edith and Agnes as good as possible, something that isn’t always as simple […]


The Iceman


The Iceman tells the true story of Richard “Ritchie” Kuklinski who, as a maffia assassin, has at least 100 lives on his conscience. Although, conscience… the man isn’t called “The Iceman” for nothing. We go back in time and meet Kuklinski while he’s on his first date with Deborah Pellicotti, his future wife. Their life […]


Curse of Chucky


It’s been four years since the events from Seed of Chucky when the paralysed Nica opens the door for a courier who delivers an old “Good Guy” doll out of the blue. Nica nor her mother Sarah have any idea where this doll comes from but they don’t pay a lot of attention to it […]


Hell on Wheels – Season 2


It takes some getting used to, the start of this second season for Hell on Wheels. Cullen Bohannon has left the train town after killing Sergeant Harper and joined a group of desperados in the hopes of gaining enough money to start a new life in Mexico. He quickly realises, though, that the others have […]


The Walking Dead – Season 3


After the finale of the second season of The Walking Dead we couldn’t wait for this third one to arrive on Blu-ray. The threat of large groups of zombies, the given that other people have grouped together, and “last but certainly not least” a survivor with ninja-sword who likes wandering around with two zombies on […]


The Hangover – Part 3


The Hangover was in 2009 a huge success and not without reason. A group of friends go to Las Vegas for a bachelor party but the next day they wake up without any memories of what happened the night before and to make things worse, they groom himself is nowhere to be found. This was […]


Dead in Tombstone


A group of outlaws under the lead of Guerrero Hernandez (Danny Trejo) and his half brother Red Cavanaugh (Anthony Michael Hall) hears about a small town where there’s a dispute about a gold mine that’s resulted in a large quantity of the ore laying around in the office of the local sheriff, waiting to be […]


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