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About a Boy

Will Freeman is a man’s dream come true: he lives off the money he earns from copyrights on a song his dad once wrote, he drives a sports car, has swift relationships with beautiful women without ever having to bond and to keep himself occupied he’s divided his day into “units” where each unit represents half an hour which he can spend on whatever he wants. The only thing that might be bothering him is his friends who constantly nag at his head that it’s about time he settles down with a nice woman and gets married. After all, he’s already 38. The perfect life, a man would think 🙂

When Will by accident comes up with the idea that single parents are a great way to get together with women without having to feel guilty for dumping them as they will find him to be waaaay too good for them and dump him before he can dump them, he makes up an imaginary son and joins a single parents group. When he gets a date with one of the women in the group, Suzie, she brings along Marcus, the son of a friend of her. Not quite how he had planned his date… To make things worse, when they bring Marcus back home, they find his mother half-dead, having tried to commit suicide.

Posing as the gentleman that he is, Will helps Suzie and Marcus, but unfortunately for him, Marcus begins to try to put Will together with his mother, hoping that that will make her feel better. Adding to the catastrophe, Marcus finds out that Will isn’t a single parent at all and that his only goal was to meet up with single mothers. As from that moment, Will sees Marcus coming over to his house constantly and he realises that he’s getting a lot more than he bargained for…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is decent with only small amounts of edge enhancement. Contrast, detail and sharpness are good just like depth of darkness. Only shadow detail could have been a bit better.

This dialogue-driven movie doesn’t use the dolby digital 5.1 track to its full potential as could be expected but the dialogues are nicely positioned from the center speaker. Unfortunately the front speakers aren’t used much eather and that could have been a bit better.

We start off with the usual audio commentary, this time given by Paul & Chris Weitz who’ve got extremely boring voices. Next up is a standard “Making of” with interviews with cast & crew, followed by deleted scenes. The strange thing comes when you notice that the interview with Badly Drawn Boy and his videoclips which are also put on the dvd consume more time than the actual movie-extras. Last up are the trailer of the film and two trailers of Johnny English and The Guru

Personally, I find most of the movies starring Hugh Grant to be extremely good ones to watch with your girlfriend as they’re not over-sentimental and always contain enough jokes to make you smile even if you don’t like the film yourself. About a Boy differs though. There are a couple of really hilarious scenes, but overall you’ll notice the drama in the scenario with Grant playing a cynical loner while Marcus’ mother is a depressed hippie who doesn’t know that the sixties have passed and that her son is getting bullied at school. Giving a black and white opinion is therefor very difficult and I would urge you to check the film out yourself before buying it.

Our Score:

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