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Absolutely Fabulous (1-4)

Giving a detailed description of what Absolutely Fabulous is all about is not easy. There’s two main characters, Edina Monsoon (Saunders) and Patsy Stone (Lumley), the first managing a PR agency and the second working for a fashion magazine. Next to that you’ve got a whole bunch of side-characters like Edina’s daughter Saffron (Julia Sawalha), grandmother and a couple of ex-husbands. The interaction between all these different characters with Edina and Patsy creates funny scenes and the fact that both Edina and Patsy are all but responsible adults of course helps.

Each season consists of 6 episodes, each having a different subject.

Season one starts off with Edina having to manage a fashion show while she has problems getting to her work as her friend Patsy comes round and they both get a couple of drinks. Episode two has Edina trying to loose some weight while in the third episode, Edina and Patsy go off on holiday to France to find out that the French countryside isn’t the same as St.Tropez. The three last episodes have Edina not being invited to a speech at her daughter’s school, Edina having her 40th birthday, and Patsy being jealous at Edina who’s got a new boyfriend.

Season two has Patsy having to look like a 35 year old, Edina’s father dying, Patsy and Edina getting lost in the Moroccan desert after having sold Saffron to a white women slave trader, Edina having a visit of some friends with their new baby who instantly ruins her Lacroix clothes, Edina’s ex-husbands stopping all their donations, and last but not least Edina giving sex education to Saffron with the latest Cosmo sex quiz.

In season three we see Edina having to modernise her kitchen which means she starts looking for the best designer for a door handle, Patsy’s cool sister coming to visit on new year’s eve, Edina and Patsy trying to organise and orgy to refresh Edina’s memory about her sexual escapades in the sixties, Edina trying to get a PR award for fashion, Saffron leaving the house which means that Edina and Patsy will have to take care of themselves for once, and a peek in the future of Patsy and Edina.

After six years of silence, the fourth and last season of Absolutely Fabulous got created and we have again six great episodes. Edina is getting famous and needs to get rid of her rinckles, Edina gets a gardner, Patsy becomes a super model, Edina finds a muscle in her arm after two weeks of diet while Patsy decides to change her hairstyle, Saffron wrote a play about her life and Edina hates it, Edina and Patsy get into the menopauze.

One note: you can watch the episodes seperately, but if you leave the menu on too long, the episodes start playing by themselves.

Sound and Vision:
The first three seasons are in the original 1.33:1 full screen format and the further the series go, the better the image quality gets. Colors are warm and bright, contrast and detail are good and the only minor downpoint is a little grain in some darker scenes. Season four is in 1.85:1 widescreen aspect ratio and has really good image quality.

The sound is given through a Dolby Digital 2.0 track which is good enough for a dialogue-driven comedy serie.

We can check out the pilot episode of Mirrorball which consists of the full Absolutely Fabulous cast but got cancelled after this episode. Next to that we get the fragment from the “French & Saunders” show which was the start for the Absolutely Fabulous series. 15 minutes of interviews with Joanna Lumley, Jennifer Saunders, June Whitfield and producer Jon Plowman are also available, just like commentary tracks with Jennifer Saunders and producer Jon Plowman on all episodes from season four. Last are “Absolutely Not”, which is 15 minutes of bloopers, and a picture gallery of each season

Absolutely Fabulous is absolutely hilarious and this collection adds quite a few interesting extras. Combined with the good image and sound quality, this is definitely a must-have for lovers of British humour

Our Score:

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