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Bartleby Gaines has received one rejected after the other from universities and he starts to find out that studying might not be his thing. However, his parents insist that he goes to a university so to not disappoint them, he decides to make a false acceptation letter from the non-existing South Harmon Institute of Technology. Of course, the letter alone won’t be enough so he asks his friend Sherman Shrader to create a website to make things look official enough so his parents can get fooled by the trick. A couple of other friends of Bartleby have gone through similar situations at home so they too decide to take the easy solution and pretend they’ll be going to S.H.I.T. but when the parents want to visit the school and meet the dean things get a little more complicated.

They renovate an old abandoned psychiatric hospital and set up shop there. With things looking just good enough to keep up the idea of a real college and a desillusioned teacher pretending to be the dean, everyone gets fooled. Fooled so much even that a day later tons of rejected kids appear at the front door to enlist in the non-existing university. Bartleby then starts looking at how they can set up some sort of educational program and things really start to go pretty good… until the dean of South Harmon puts his eyes on S.H.I.T. and wants to buy the property to expand his own university…

Sound and Vision:
Accepted has bright colors, good contrast and overall solid image quality without compression errors.

The sound is pretty much the same: solid and decent but lack a bit of dynamic in the music department.


Accepted takes us back to the days of “Revenge of the Nerds” and does it quite decently. We don’t get slapstick comedy too much and overall the humour is actually not so overwhelming but we remain with a pleasant movie that brings forth a rather standard American “feel-good” emotion. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing that is anything close to believable in Accepted but who cares? Those looking for a fun movie that doesn’t need too much brain activity will most definitely be in for this one. Accepted isn’t a movie that will keep hanging in your mind but it’s like a Big Mac that tastes decent for junkfood but doesn’t pretend to be anything else. Universal delivers the dvd with decent image and sound but the extras department gets the boot.

Our Score:

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