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Aeon Flux

Somewhere in the future, a plague has wiped out most of humanity and only a couple million managed to survive in a utopian city that’s isolated from the rest of the world. Not everything is utopia though, as the city is ruled by a totalitarian regime with strict laws. A small group of rebels is trying to overthrow the dictatorship and their biggest weapon is Aeon Flux, a sexy but coldblooded killer who gets chosen to assassinate the leader of the government, Trevor Goodchild. However, the moment she meets Trevor eye to eye, she hesitates and only barely manages to escape. With the assassination failed, she now has both the government and her fellow rebels coming after her as they no longer trust her. And why did she hesitate?

Sound and Vision:
Although this film was released by Paramount and is pretty recent, we did spot some compression errors that spoil the fun a bit.

The sound has a good atmospheric spreading with clear dialogues and good use of the surround channels. Only minor detail is that some more use of the subwoofer with the explosions wouldn’t have hurt.

– Audio commentary track by Charlize Theron and producer Gale Anne Hurd.
– Audio commentary track by co-writers Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi
– Creating a World: Aeon Flux: feature that includes an interesting interview with the makers of the animation series
– The Locations of Aeon Flux: feature that lets us know why Berlin was chosen as location to shoot the movie
– The Stunts of Aeon Flux: the title says it all
– The Costume Design: workshop of Aeon Flux: background feature on the costumes
– ‘The Craft of the Set: Photographer of Aeon Flux: short interview with a photographer who made pictures for promo material like posters and such
– Trailer

Aeon Flux may have a very sexy Charlize Theron and an interesting main character, the movie doesn’t come near the animated series. The fact that creator Chung has trouble hiding his displeasure with the creation of the movie in one of the added bonus features only supports this. The storyline isn’t bad but it’s hardly something we haven’t seen before and for instance “The Island” did a much better job with a similar basic idea. Still, we’re left with a pretty standard and entertaining sci-fi action movie that comes with reasonable image & sound quality and has some interesting extras added.

Our Score:

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