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Agent Cody Banks

Frankie Muniz is Code Banks, a seeminglessly normal teenager but in fact he isn’t. He has been selected as an agent for a special department of the CIA and except for his co-agents, nobody knows of this, not even his family. When Dr. Connors, a scientist who invented nanobot technology, gets funding by criminals, the CIA sends out Cody to make sure the technology can’t be used by the villains. In order to get close to Connors, Cody changes school so he gets to know Connors’ daughter Natalie (Hillary Duff). However, despite his intensive training, there’s one thing the CIA didn’t prepare him for: interacting with girls.

Sound and Vision:
MGM has done a terrific job with this transfer. The image quality is almost perfect with bright colors, sharp image, good contrast and lots of detail. The only minor downpoint is some aliasing.

Except for the music, the surround channels aren’t used a lot and that’s too bad as there’s quite a lot of action going on on the screen. Some more use of the surrounds would have made things a lot better and the same can be said about the subwoofer. The dialogues are clear and understandable while coming from the center speaker. All in all we would have expected some more action in the sound so this track does disappoint a bit.

– Audio Commentary with director Harald Zwart, Frankie Muniz and Angie Harmon.
– Developing Agent Cody Banks: short feature on the production of the movie.
– Creating Cody’s World: 2 features, one about the production design and one about the costumes.
– Posting Cody Banks: again 2 features, this time about the special effects and the music.
– Director’s Diary: speaks for itself.
– Storyboard to film comparisons
– Multi-camera sequences
– Agent in training: feature on the preparation and filming of the opening scene
– Agent Action: short feature on the stunts
– How to talk to Girls: tips by the cast & crew on how to talk with girls
– Cool make-up tricks by Hilary Duff: speaks for itself
– Cast Read-Thru: the actors go through the complete script
– Deleted Scenes
– Outtakes: bloopers
– Photo Gallery
– Agent Cody Banks Theatrical Trailer

One strange thing is that almost all of the features have about one and a half minute of the same ending credits

Agent Cody Banks targets the same audience as Spy Kids but in my opinion achieves better in its goal as it doesn’t have irritatingly ridiculous plot twists which Spy Kids suffers from. Frankie Muniz is perfectly cast as Cody Banks and does a terrific job although I couldn’t help but constantly think I was watching a very long episode of “Malcolm in the Middle”. The extras on the disc are perfectly made for kids and on the technical side we can’t complain either although a more dynamic and aggressive soundtrack with more use of the surround and LFE channels wouldn’t have hurt.

Our Score:

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