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AI Wars

Making a review for this game is actually really easy, It sucks!!!, but hey, let me tell you why.
First of all, when you buy a First Person Shooter you expect state of the art graphs like Q3A or Unreal Tournament. A license on one of these engines is really expensive and that’s why the makers of this game decided to take a freeware engine.

Oooh-oooh, this sounds like shit and let me ensure you: IT IS. The graphs of this game are sucky (even Quake 1 beats this game) and to be honest, I almost died when i saw the awfull textures and gay colours.

It is here that the Genesis Engine proves to be ugly imho (but what do you expect for a freeware engine). When I climbed back in my chair and looked at the game itselve, I saw a medium game with medium sound, gameplay and story.

The story is really basic: the year is 454987…. Ai takes over … you must save the world .. blablabla. It certainly isn’t Soldier of fortune or half life.

The gamplay isn’t all that, in fact it is pathetic to see such a slow gameplay. The guns are just ridiculous: in stead of a nice old big rocketlauncher that goes KAA-BOOOOM, you get some virus gun that fires numbers and goes *PIOEW*.
When you read the box, it sais “AI” wars, and indeed the AI looks like it was made during the second WorldWar 🙂

The sound of the game resembles to the old 8-bit console sound, nice midi gunsounds that make me wana cry…

This game is only for hardcore cyber fans. All other gamers stay away from it and hey, the real world is still out there 🙂

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