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Neo Tokyo, 2019. 30 years after World War 3 a motorcycle gang led by the boy Kaneda is looking for a fight with a competing gang called “The Clowns”. When both gangs encounter each other, one of Kaneda’s friends Tetsuo almost runs in on a strange little guy. When Kaneda and Tetsuo try to help the little guy, a bunch of Army helicopters appear and take Tetsuo along with the weird boy with them.

Kaneda tries to find Tetsuo again and meets a girl called Kei. She works for the resistance and knows about a certain project – called the “Akira-project” – with kids that have certain psychic powers which should result in the next step of human evolution. Unfortunately, the project went wrong and laid the basis of the destruction of Tokyo. Kaneda and Kei find out that Tetsuo seems to have these same psychic powers. Since Tetsuo never used to be able to defend himself, he starts abusing his powers even towards his friend Kaneda. From then on, a battle starts where Kaneda tries to help stop Tetsuo from destroying himself and Neo Tokyo along with him.

Sound and Vision:
Akira has been completely remastered with Dolby Digital 5.1 which surrounds you completely like as if you were in some cocoon and the 16:9 anamorphic screen is crystal clear. You wouldn’t say this movie dates from 1989.

There’s 2 version available, one with no special features and a special version which contains a bunch of interesting stuff although the region 1 special features didn’t all make it over here.
The special version contains a “Making of” (46 minutes), production stills and notes, 2 trailers, 3 teasers, 1 tv commercial, film credits and a bunch of interviews which you can read as text.
To be honest, I personally would not pay extra for the special features and buy the regular version since after all : we want to see the movie, don’t we ?

Akira is thé classic in Manga movies with only Ghost in the Shell having had similar success in the movie theaters. Anyone that loves Manga should defenitely have this classic in his or her collection. Too bad about the special features though. A bit more explanation about the background story would defenitely have been appreciated.

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