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Alamo, The

On the border between Mexico and Texas stands The Alamo, a former mission post that is now the only protection of Texas against the Mexican army. Texas is officially still part of Mexico and General Santa Anna wants to conquer the Alamo back from the Americans whose forces are scattered all over Texas. In the Alamo itself there are only a handful of defenders present under the lead of William Travis (Patrick Wilson). Next to his soldiers, there are also a bunch of volunteers who report to Jim Bowie (Jason Patric), a man who has earned his stripes in battle but has a major drinking problem and suffers from a lung disease. Last up there’s also congressman Davy Crocket (Thornton), a well-known bear hunter whose actions are known across the borders.

Together with the rest of their men, they’ll stand up to the Mexican Army until General Houston (Quaid) finds enough people to form an army and drive Santa Anna back to Mexico.

Sound and Vision:
Buena Vista has really outdone themselves on the technical side here. The image is without any compression errors, has great contrast and detailed image. A couple of scenes are a bit too soft but that doesn’t really hurt the overall quality.

The soundtrack is magnificent with good use of the surround channels aswell as the subwoofer. All in all a very dynamic and atmospheric track that puts you in the middle of the action.

– The Legend returns: Background history on the Alamo – The Making Of
– Deep in the Heart of the Texans
– In the trail of heroes
– Deleted Scenes
– Audio commentary track

That’s what’s listed on the cover of the disc. However, “Deep in the Heart of Texans” and “In the trail of Heroes” are nowhere to be found on the DVD. Quite sloppy if you ask me. Also, there’s a feature that’s not listed but present: a tour around the set which shows the grandure of the project. The “Making of” is quite standard with interviews of cast&crew but it does manage to cover most parts of the production.

The battle at the Alamo is legendary as the men that fought there were greatly outnumbered. Therefore, making a movie of such an event isn’t the easiest thing to do. Don’t expect one huge battlefield though as the director has chosen to give more insight into the characters that were present rather than just showing one big battlescene. Unfortunately, the idea is good but the overall end result is less. The movie gives the impression of being a bit too long with a lot of dead scenes. There are some positive points though. When the action starts, it’s really great and the soundtrack puts you right in the middle of things. The acting is pretty decent aswell but still you don’t really get a feeling with the characters so it must the script where something went wrong.

Technically things are very much ok, as I said already before, but the extras are a disappointment when you see the cover and finally discover that what’s listed isn’t present.

The Alamo is definitely a movie you can rent or buy it when it goes into the budget series. Getting it at full price is a bit too much if you ask me

Our Score:

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