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Alex Cross

alexcrossWhen a rich business woman is sadistically murdered, Dr. Alex Cross and his team members Thomas Kane and Monica Ashe – who are having a relationship – are put on the case. It doesn’t take them long to figure out this is only the first in a series, and thanks to the finding of a drawing that was left behind by the murderer, Cross manages to determine who the next victim will be. They succeed in preventing the next assassination, but the killer who calls himself Picasso does manage to escape.

What they don’t realise, however, is that their action resulted in them getting into Picasso’s crosshairs. The psychopath assassin first murders Monica, and then Cross’ wife Maria, in an attempt to convince Cross and Thomas to stop hunting him. What he didn’t expect, however, is that this stimulates them only more to get him, no matter the cost. Cross swears he’ll take revenge, even if this jeopardises his career with the police…

Alex Cross is based on the book “Cross” by James Patterson and the character was seen already before in the movies “Kiss the Girls” and “Along came a Spider”, where Cross was played by Morgan Freeman. It’s that those movies were quite decent, as otherwise you would seriously start questioning the quality of Patterson’s books and wonder why he’s so popular.

The script is all but solid and the movie is filled with clichés while the attempts to add depth to the characters completely fail and this all is supposed to be camouflaged by action scenes and lots of use of handheld camera movement, fast cuts and slow motion shootouts. Style over depth, but the style itself isn’t all too great either as it distracts and irritates rather than make up for the lack of a cohesive story and depth. The acting itself isn’t any better. Tyler Perry and Edward Burns (Thomas Kane) have as much charisma as a wooden doll, and Matthew Fox (Lost) tries to compensate that by regularly overacting. Although we do have to say he makes a decent effort in portraying a psychopath killer. Last but not least there’s Jean Reno who we kinda like, but it seems most of all the French actor was in need for money and as such agreed to play a small role as what he brings to the table isn’t worth much either.

Before we requested this movie for review we looked around in imdb and had already tampered out expectations a bit, but the only thing Alex Cross succeeds in is that we would like to see Matthew Fox back in the role of a psychopath, but then with a better script and a director who can keep him from overacting.

The image of this Blu-ray looks very nice with a high contrast, good levels of inky blacks, a varied color palette depending on the scene, and a good sense of depth. Also the sound is decent and we get a track that may not be the best you ever heard but will certainly please the action fans. Extras are absent.


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