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Alien Legacy

Who hasn’t heard of any of the “Alien” movies yet ? I guess everyone probably knows these classics of sci-fi/horror.

Alien Legacy bundles all 4 movies at a discount price and since the story is pretty well-known I’ll just give a short rundown:

Alien : Space ship Nostromo receives a distress call from an alien planet and decides to investigate. Once arrived on the planet they find an alien life form that grows inside the human body. Sigourney Weaver (as Ripley) will have to fight it together with her crew to prevent infection in the original movie which was Directed by Ridley Scott.

Aliens : James Cameron brings Ripley back as sole survivor of the disaster at the Nosotromo as she gets found and transported back to earth. There she realises that she has been in stasis for 57 year and that the planet the Nostromo visited has been colonised. When suddenly the colony goes silent, she along with a group of commando’s goes back to investigate what happened.

Alien 3 : Ripley returns when she crashes on the heavily guarded prison planet Fiorina 161 where a bunch of tough criminals are locked up. Things get worse as it seems Ripley wasn’t the only one that was in her escape pod. Directed by David Fincher

Alien Resurrected : 200 years after her last encounter with the Aliens which caused her death, Ripley awakens. A bunch of scientists have cloned her together with some Alien DNA to create the perfect weapon. However, neither Ripley nor the Aliens they’ve created are easily tamed.

Sound and Vision:
All movies have been digitally remastered with THX and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound and are presented on 16:9 widescreen format. Everything is crystal clear although you do notice the difference in quality of the special effects when you watch all movies one after another.

4 movies, 4 DVD’s you would think. Nothing is less true. Alien Legacy is packed with specials and even has 1 extra disc. A rundown :
Alien : Audio commentary by Ridley Scott, storyboards alongside artwork and photo galleries, deleted scenes, outtakes and an alternate music track.
Aliens : Interview with James Cameron, behind-the-scenes, 17 minutes of extra footage and a photo section
Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection : Interviews and behind-the-scenes footage
Last but not least : and extra DVD with a 68-minute behind-the-scenes documentary.

Anyone that has any feeling towards sci-fi should get this pack as it represents over 20 years of sci-fi movie making. Alien Legacy clearly shows how the art of making movies has evolved, if only in the speed of things; throughout the 4 movies you clearly see how things speed up and action is always just around the corner. A definite buy!

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