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Alien Raiders

One night in Buck Lake the local Hastings Market gets overrun by what seem to be robbers who quickly close down the store and take the customers hostage. However, it quickly becomes clear that these people aren’t robbers but instead have a mission… a mission to find the King of a race of alien parasites in order to get rid of this plague once and for all.

While the cops outside are trying to figure out what’s going on, the team is running out of time to find which of the customers is hiding the parasite inside him…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is what you would expect from a recent DVD release which means it’s good without shining in any department. Compression errors are hardly present and the level of detail is good. Nothing much more to say to be honest.

The same goes for the sound that does a nice job but isn’t top of the shelf, also because the movie doesn’t have that many special effects that need to super-duper sound system.

– Hidden Terror: The Making of Alien Raiders
– Blood, Sweat and Fears: The Special Effects of Alien Raiders
– Tape #9: Sterling Explains Aliens
– Fysiology of alien parasites and meeting with Ritter
– Tape #12: Spookie’s Job
– Whitney Cam: blog messages after the events at Buck Lake
– Trailers

All in all a very nice collection of extras that will please the fans

Alien Raiders is the latest straight-to-dvd release on the Raw Feed label and this time we get a sci-fi horror movie that does a nice job with limited resources. The cast isn’t overly well-known but manages to perform nicely and all in all Alien Raiders manages to come over quite realistically (not taking into account the idea of alien parasites of course). As somewhat of a rip-off from The Thing set in a small town in the US Alien Raiders manages to do what several big budget blockbusters in the same genre failed: entertain!

No overly romantic bullshit, a couple of nice plot twists and an ending that keeps the door open for a possible sequel. What do you want more? Get it!

Our Score:

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