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All the King's Men

Wiilie Stark is a redneck born and raised in Louisiana. When he claims the local politicians are corrupt and have filled their pockets with the building of a local school, his career seems to be over. He can’t find a job anymore and even his wife got fired from hers. However, when the school collapses and three little children die he’s contacted by Tiny Duffy, a city official, who tells him this is his chance and that he should run for governor of Louisiana. Willie takes on the offer and starts driving throughout the state, only to realise little later that he’s being used by one of his competitors to draw away votes. When he realises this, he becomes even more determined to become gouvernor and even manages to do so.

However, as his career advances, so do the scandals surrounding him and his competitors will try everything to get rid of him…

Sound and Vision:
Sony did an excellent job with this dvd. The image is hair sharp with tons of detail and there are no compression errors or even edge enhancement to be seen anywhere. Fantastic!

The sound is equally good. Although this movie is dialogue-driven, the 5.1 track really adds atmosphere with music and some effects, making the overall experience even better than it already was.

– Making Of
– An American Classic
– LA Confidential: On Location with All the King’s Men
– Shake Hands with the Devil
The four featers together are a pretty extensive “making of” with some good background info and I only wonder why Sony didn’t just add it as one feature as it’s clear they just cut up the pieces to make four seperate features instead of one.
– Deleted Scenes
– The Legend of Lore of Huey Long: this is by far the most interesting extra on the disc. This gives a very good picture of Huey Long, the polictian on which the character of Willie Stark is based. Publishers should start adding more of such features!

All the King’s Men has gotten some bad reviews here and there but to be honest: I don’t understand that. The cast does an excellent job (Sean Penn is fantastic!) and everything fits. The storyline, the shooting of the scenes, the acting, … it’s all magnificent. I was wondering already when we would be getting some decent dvd’s after all the crap we had seen up to now and All the King’s Men makes up for A LOT! Sony has done a terrific job with the dvd, delivering perfect image and sound quality and adding a couple of very interesting extras. A must have without a doubt!

Our Score:

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