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Alone in the Dark

Edward Cramby (Slater) is a detective who investigates occult matters. When some kind of monsters from a parallel world that were worshiped by an ancient culture called the Abskani start appearing around the time several childhood friends of him disappear, Edward believes something major is up. Together with his girlfriend, antropologist Aline Cedrac (Reid) and his former colleague of a secret occult bureau, Burke (Dorff) they delve into the matter and try to save the world…

Sound and Vision:
There’s one positive thing to say about this dvd and that is that Dutch Filmworks has done an excellent job on the technical aspect. The image quality is very good and the same can be said about the sound.

Although the movie has quite a lot of dark scenes, the level of detail is always very high and you don’t miss a thing. Compression errors or other problems are nowhere to be found and the DTS track that comes along on the dvd really uses your surround system as it should, making you feel in the center of the fights.


Alone in the Dark is based on the classic games from Atari and is the second of a series of game-inspired movies that is directed by Uwe Boll (House of the Dead being the first game movie he made). Other game titles he’ll be bringing to the screen are Bloodrayne, Far Cry, Hunter: The Reckoning and Dungeon Siege. If Alone in the Dark is the best he can do, you’d better not spend any money on checking out those (House of the Dead being an incredibly bad movie as well). So, why am I saying this? Well, there’s plenty of action in Alone in the Dark, we’ve got a fairly decent cast (when it comes to names, none of them actually do a decent job) and the special effects are good as well. The thing missing however, is a story.

From the first minute we get right into the action but there seems to be little reason for it. The gaps and inconsistencies in the storyline can match the Grand Canyon when it comes to size. In fact, the whole “plot” is plain ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense at all! Uwe Boll’s idea of a horror/sci-fi/action movie seems to be: put together some known actors that don’t cost too much, add some monsters, give the humans lots of weapons and let the shooting begin. Oh, and make sure there’s at least one sex scene with the good-looking female lead although it’s totally not necessary for the storyline.

Dutch Filmworks have done an excellent job on the image and sound quality but that doesn’t help to make this movie better than it is. Keep away from this, even if you just want to see Tara Reid have sex with Christian Slater as you don’t even get to see any decent nudity and it isn’t worth the trouble. Dutch Filmworks is also releasing this movie in a Special Edition Steelcase (we’ve checked out the simple version) that contains some extras but if you want to get your hands on Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare it might be interesting as that’s added to the extras.

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