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Along Came Polly

Ben Stiller is Reuben Feffer, a risk assessment analyst who’s just got married and is off on holiday with his newly-wed wife. However, on the first day already he finds her in bed with the local scuba instructor so he packs his bags and heads back home. Not really sure what to do, he remains home but his best friend Sandy Lyle (Philip Seamour Hoffman) drags him along to a party where he meets Polly Prince (Aniston), a friend from elementary school. He immediately falls for her and after a couple of dates, things seem to be going pretty well for him, but then his wife comes back home and tells him she wants him back…

Sound and Vision:
As we’re used from Universal, compression errors are not present and the overall image quality is good. Decent contrast and detail aswell as sharp image without grain or any things that might spoil your viewing fun.

A soundtrack for a comedy like this doesn’t really need much and that’s exactly what you get. Clear and understandable dialogues and subtle use of surround channels for the music.

– Audio Commentary : director John Hamburg spills his guts
– Making Of: The obligatory Making Of and we get to see interview fragments of the cast & crew who all start saying how great the others are to work with and how fantastic the script was. Total crap that makes you wonder whether these people have a brain
– Rodolfo Goes Hollywood: rather stupid feature about the ferret that starrs in the movie. Completely put in scene and although it’s meant to be funny… it isn’t.
– Deleted Scenes & Bloopers: nothing new here. The usual “people start laughing” stuff
– Original Intro & Trailer

As is usual, when you expect a lot from a movie it turns out bad. Along came Polly isn’t bad but when you expect to be rolling on the floor from laughing, think again. It seems Ben Stiller’s comedy is going down the drain slowly but steadily. While movies like Something About Mary and Meet the Parents could make us laugh without a problem, Along Came Polly can barely keep a smile on our face. Technically, the DVD is alright but don’t expect much from the extras as they’re quite stupid.

Our Score:

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