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Alpha Dog

Alpha Dog is based on the life of Johnny Truelove aka Jesse James Hollywood, one of the youngest men ever to make the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Johnny Truelove is a drug dealer in Hollywood who works for his dad who’s connected to the maffia. After a dispute with Jake Mazursky, one of his customers who can’t pay what he owes, Johnny decides to teach Jake a lesson but when they go out to find him, it seems he isn’t home.

While driving back to their place, they spot Jake’s brother Zack and decide to kidnap him. The boy isn’t doing difficult and wants to make sure he doesn’t do anything wrong to make Jake’s life even more difficult so he decides to go along with Johnny’s crew without trying to escape. When Zack’s parents file a missing person’s report, and Jake finds out that he’s with Johnny and his crew, the question pops up: what to do with the boy?

Sound and Vision:
The image differs from scene to scene. During the entire movie you get to see scenes where friends and family talk to an interviewer about what happened. These scenes intentionally lack a bit of detail and sometimes also have some grain present. The rest of the movie on the other hand is sharp as a needle and has very realistic colors. Compression errors are down to a minimum.

The soundtrack does an excellent job with pounding basses during scenes where we get to hear gangsta-rap, while dialogues remain crystal clear at all times.


If you hear someone being called “Jesse James Hollywood”, you would think this is a movie about some bad-ass gangster. Nothing is less true, however. Alpha Dog is about a bunch of stupid kids that make stupid mistakes and finally go to jail for them. The movie isn’t bad, but you sure have to set your expectations correct. Don’t think this film will have car chases and explosions all the time, instead it’s more about personal drama and “guys hanging out” while the girls that are present give a whole new meaning to “dumb blonde”

Our Score:

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