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American Dreamz

Martin Tweed is the arrogant and egocentric show host of American Dreamz, the most popular television show in the United States. Each season they go looking for a bunch of people (freaks) that can be put on a stage to sing and become America’s next biggest sensation. This time, Martin has a clear idea of the type of people he wants: a lovely American beauty, a Jew and an Arab. All the rest doesn’t matter. To make things even better, the just re-elected president of the US wants to be cast as a fellow jury member for the grand finaly of the season in order to up his popularity which has gone down the drain as he’s avoided all public appearances after his re-election. However, also in the Middle-East people started watching American Dreamz and when the news breaks out that the US president will be in the jury of the finale and that a member of a terrorist organisation will be participating, the terrorists plan for an “explosive” ending.

Sound and Vision:
There are some minor compression errors but little enough to not spoil the fun. The amount of detail as well as the contrast are very good.

The soundtrack is pretty atmospheric and although the surround channels don’t get too many effects to pour at you, the music does use all channels as good as possible to create some additional atmosphere. Exactly what this movie needs.


American Dreamz is a funny movie. Not because of the storyline itself but because of the interaction between the characters and the excellent performance of the cast. Hugh Grant is again perfectly cast as the asshole show host while Dennis Quaid does an even better job as the president (lots of winks towards Bush). Add to that a magnificent Willem Dafoe as the Chief of Staff and decent performances from the rest and you’ve got a movie that can’t go wrong. American Dreamz contains a bit of slapstick but not enough to make it too ridiculous and you’ll often find yourself smiling towards the screen. A good job done by Paul Weitz who could have easily gone down the road of American Pie but thankfully didn’t. One minor downpoint: the ending of the movie is pretty American which can cause a downer.

Universal released American Dreamz in a pretty basic package with decent image and sound quality but without any extras.

Our Score:

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