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American History X

Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) is a skinhead who is a prominent leader of an American neo-nazi organisation. When a couple of Afro-American men try to break into his car, he takes justice into his own hands and kills both of them. He gets convicted and sent of to a racially mixed jail. There he sees that all isn’t as he thought it would be. Black people aren’t bad by definition and white people aren’t always ‘good’. Slowly but steadily, Derek realises that he has lied to himself during most part of his life and by the time he’s released, his racial perceptions have changed and he has transformed into another man.

During his incarceration, his little brother (Edward Furlong) however, has become part of that same neo-nazist gang. Upon his release, Derek realises that he has to save both himself and his kid-brother before it’s too late.

Sound and Vision:
While the movie originally was in 16:9 format, the DVD is 4:3. The same strange thing has happened with the sound which is featured in Dolby 2.0 while the original was in 5.1 format. Still, both sound and image quality are very good.


American History X is a touching movie that gives a good view on how some Americans get mislead into blaming minority groups for their own failure. Unfortunatly the DVD doesn’t provide any extras. Take that into account when you see it for sale somewhere. Buying it at a budget price would be advisable

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