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American Pie: The Wedding

Jim (Biggs) asks his girfriend Michelle (Hannigan) to marry him. She accepts and almost immediately the preparations start for this great occasion. Jim, Kevin (Nicholas) and Finch (Thomas) are trying to keep Stiffler (Scott) away from this all as he might ruin everything. However, Jim has no other possibility than to ask Stiffler to organise the bachelor party…

Sound and Vision:
Overall the image is decent but there is some grain present aswell as edge enhancement.

The soundtrack focuses on the front channels while the rear speakers are mostly used for the music. Dialogues are clear and understandable

– Intro: Adam Hertz says this is the uncensored version
– Audio commentary tracks: director Jesse Dylan and Seann William Scott. The second track has Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Thomas Ian Nicholas
– Deleted scenes with optional intro
– Bloopers
– According to Stiffler: Cast&crew talk a bit more about the Stiffler character
– Step in the World of the Mistress: Some extra info on how the bachelor party scene came to exist
– Preparing the Groom: Short feature on the shaving session of Jim
– Nikki’s Hollywood Diary: Agent Krystal prepares for the world premiere of the movie
– Video of the wedding

American Pie: The Wedding is the third part and probably the last. The characters are still funny and there are a couple of scenes that are really great. However, the magic of the first two has gone a bit. Good comedy that should be squished more

Our Score:

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