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American Psycho

Brett Easton Ellis wrote the bestseller American Psycho where we get to see America in the year 1987. Patrick Bateman is the ultimate yuppie. He has the perfect job, the perfect looks and the perfect attitude. The “I”-culture at its best. Still, Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) is all but perfect. He’s a cold-blooded psycho who kills people in his own appartment for no apparant reason, philosophing on the pop music he is listening to while slashing his victim. Nobody seems to care about the people he kills so he just keeps doing his thing. Until a private investigator (Willem Dafoe) starts interfering with his business.

Sound and Vision:
Dolby 5.1 and widescreen 16:9 should be good enough but unfortunately a couple of errors can be seen. The image isn’t always stable and when viewing large pieces of white, you can see color differences. Luckily, the images are always sharp and the contrast is good.

The movie doesn’t really contain any scenes where your sound system gets pushed to its limits, but still, the surround channels are well-used aswell as the front speakers for dialogue.

We get several extras with a “The Making of” documentary, deleted scenes, interviews with both cast and crew, photo gallery and bio- and filmographies. Last we also get the theatrical trailer. Too bad the subtitling seem to have been forgotten on several extra’s.

American Psycho is not your average day movie. There’s no real storyline that ends up in a clear ending and there’s no real tention to be found. Everything gets projected towards the viewer in clear and harsh reality. No slasher-movie like humor, no special atmoshpere-breaking trics.

Although not all details from the book have been filmed, this movie is defenitely not for everyone. The casual horror-lover will probably miss the feeling of a regular slasher film while the emotional viewer will defenitely be offended by the outrageous violence and sex.

To be honest : I wouldn’t know who this movie would be for, if only for psychopaths

Our Score:

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