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Amityville Curse, The

Amityville. An old priest gets brutally slain in the house he lives by an unknown man. His stuff from the church gets put in the house he used to live and the house gets put on sale. Years later, the house gets sold to a few couples that decided to live there together. Little after they move in, Debbie gets the feeling that something is wrong and that there are ghosts present that aren’t all too fond of them. However, nobody believes her and then things really go wrong…

Sound and Vision:
This movie is from 1990 and looks even older than it really is. The contrast is way off so that you get a very dark image that lacks detail all the way. Also the overall image tends to be a bit soft as well which results in you peering at your tv to see what’s going on. There’s also grain and film spots present so while the cover of the dvd looks rather up to date, the image quality certainly isn’t.

The soundtrack is in stereo and sounds a bit too high. This really is great stuff for people who want to experience the dark ages of video again.


The Amityville series has been brought back to life with “The Amityville Horror” but unfortunately, as usual, movie companies want to cash in on that fact and dvd release of The Amityville Curse is one of those things. The movie doesn’t have anything to do with the original story, doesn’t add anything to the series except for downgrading the overall feel on the other movies, and the technical aspects of this dvd aren’t really worth writing home about either. This dvd is only worth checking out if you’re a fan of the series and want to complete your collection. Everyone else will laugh with the film and get upset by the awful quality.

Our Score:

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