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Amityville Horror, The

One year after Ronald DeFeo killed his family because “voices in the house told him to”, George and Kathy Lutz and their kids move into their new house in Amityville. At first things seem better than ever. They live in a fantastic neighbourhood and have a house they normally couldn’t afford. But the happiness quickly disappears when George starts getting cranky and daughter Jodie’s imaginary friend molests the babysitter. It isn’t before long that Kathy realises that something is clearly wrong with the house, but does she still have time to rescue her family?

Sound and Vision:
Nothing to complain here. There’s some very minor grain present – some of it intentional – but for the rest we’re really happy with the image quality.

The soundtrack does its job and we do get a 5.1 track this time from RCV although they tend to release horror flics normally with DD2.0.


We’ve been seeing a lot of remakes of cult horror classics lately. Dawn of the Dead and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are two of the more succesful ones that have been released lately. Amityville Horror is the latest remake to be released on DVD and unfortunately it can’t compete with previously mentioned in quality. While the original film was good enough to spawn several sequels, this remake looks more like a spin-off of so many “haunted house” movies than an ode to a cult classic.

Ryan Reynolds does his best to portray George Lutz, the troubled housefather that gets possessed by an evil demon and up to a certain point he even manages to pull it off. However, after the first half of the movie things tend to fall apart. Not only does the cast manage to do nothing more than looking around like a cow at a train, the director, Andrew Douglas (who’s done only one movie before this one), manages to let any tension that was created slip away by unnecessary scenes that keep down the pace. If I didn’t know any better, I would think this was a remake of Poltergeist or a sequel to Hide&Seek.

Our Score:

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