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Analyze That

Paul Vitti gets under the custody of Ben Sobel after he started to continuously sing songs from West Side Story in jail. While Ben is grieving over the death of his father (it’s a process), Paul needs to find a new honest job. Meanwhile, he’s investigating who’s trying to get him killed. When Vitti gets a job as advisor for a TV series around gangsters, he finds it to be the best possible cover for his next big job. He gathers together his old crew and they start preparing everything while Sobel finds himself shadowed by the FBI.

Sound and Vision:
We know Warner can deliver great dvd’s but Analyze That could have used some better compression as there are quite some artefacts visible. For the rest we can say that the colors are nice and bright while there’s good detail and level of darkness.

The soundtrack doesn’t have many effects as the movie is mostly speech-based so the rear channels don’t come into effect a lot, same like the subwoofer. The dialogues are nicely positioned at the center speaker and are very understandable and clear.

The “Making Of” documentary where we get some behind-the-scenes footage along with cast&crew interviews is rather interesting and next to that we also get the theatrical trailer. Also an audio commentary track is available but I didn’t find it too interesting. Not really overwhelming but the standard stuff and it’s enough for a movie like this.

Analyze That is rather the same story as Analyze This and as with most sequels, it isn’t really original qua concept. Still, DeNiro and Crystal are acting really fine and manage to carry the movie. Anyone who likes this type of movies should definitely check out this dvd although you shouldn’t do it for the image quality

Our Score:

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