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Analyze This

Robert DeNiro plays Paul Vitti, New Yorks most powerful gangster boss. Unfortunately for him, his conscience starts to play up and he starts looking for a psychiater who has to help him get rid of this flaw. Billy Crystal is Ben Sobel, the shrink who has to help him with this. To top it all, Ben is preparing to get married! This of course results in a whole bunch of funny situations (try telling a mobster his time is up) and with Robert DeNiro giving a good parody of his normal gangster roles you just can’t go wrong, can you ?

Sound and Vision:
The Dolby Digital sound is good although the movie hardly ever uses it due to the fact that most of the film turns around dialogues. The picture quality is sharp but unfortunately the contrast isn’t always what it should be. The good things is that there’s 2 formats : 16:9 and 4:3 so even without a widescreen TV you’ll be able to watch the movie fullscreen.

There’s an extra soundtrack with audio commentary from both DeNiro and Crystal and a couple of bloopers. Next to that, poverty rules.

Analyze This is a good comedy and if you’re not looking for special features, you can pick this one up and have a good laugh

Our Score:

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