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Anger Management

After a rather strange incident in a plane, the ever-calm Dave Buznik (Sandler) get sentenced to 20 days of anger management treatment with the group of Dr. Buddy Rydell (Nicholson). Buznik doesn’t really understand why he needs treatment, but as he’s always obedient, he joins the course for what he thinks is a single session. Rydell decides to put him together with one of his other patients but this ends with Dave being in a bar fight and accidentally breaking a waitress’ nose. Dave now gets sanctioned to continue the anger treatment of Rydell but on a one-on-one basis which means the two of them have to stay together at all time. Rydell’s “therapy”, however is rather controversial and slowly but steadily, Dave is having more and more difficulties in keeping his anger feelings under control.
When Rydell finally takes Dave’s girlfriend, Dave is about to explode…

Sound and Vision:
Anger Management has a typical Columbia Tristar quality which means it’s good. The levels of detail and shadow depth are good, there’s no edge enhancement and the only minor point are some compression errors that luckily aren’t too disturbing.

The soundtrack is good but as there’s little action and more dialogue, the surround speakers and subwoofer don’t come into action a lot. Still, the music is nice and adds to the atmosphere while dialogues are well-positioned at the center speaker.

We start off with audio commentary tracks by director Peter Segal and Adam Sandler after which we can check out a little game where you can check out how you are doing when it comes to anger management. adly, the game doesn’t really give you access to anything special which is a bit disappointing. Next up are two features with the first one giving some good impressions of how the production was created while the second one is more of an ode to Jack Nicholson. There’s also quite some deleted scenes and bloopers, but from the bloopers too many have been shown already in the features so they don’t really add anything new. Last up are the international trailer for Anger Managenemt and a couple of trailers for other Columbia Tristar productions. All in all quite a bunch of good extras

Anger Management sees a great Jack Nicholson portraying an absolutely insane doctor while Sandler plays a rather normal role for his doing, which is a pleasant surprise. The extras are a nice addition to the movie and overall we can say that the DVD is of pretty good quality although it isn’t the best we’ve seen yet. A side-note: the scene with Sandler and Nicholson where they start chanting a song on a bridge is hilarious

Our Score:

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