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Animal Factory

Ron Decker (Edward Furlong), a youngster who gets convicted for the first time for possession and dealing marihuana finds himself in a heavy secured prison. Pretty fast, he finds out that prison life isn’t easy to cope with and that you can’t trust many people.

When one day he hears someone is talking bad about him, he wants to set things straight but then another inmate called Earl (Willem Dafoe) talks to him and promises to set things straight and when everything is settled, Earl and Ron become friends. Earl is some kind of legend in the prison as he’s been there for several years and has everything set up pretty good for himself. He knows his way around, helps the prison guards, and often gets privileges for himself and his gang. When Earl starts helping Ron with his appeal, and Ron then gets an extra 5 year sentence, they both decide that they can’t leave it like this and start thinking of an escape plan.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is good with clear difference in color palette between inside prison and the outside. While colors inside are rather pale, the outside is bright and colorful. No real problems are present and neither is any disturbing edge enhancement. The different color palettes do need some getting used to though.

The soundtrack isn’t of the same quality as the image. There’s isn’t a lot of action which would need surround channels of subwoofer, but dialogues are not coming from the center speaker. Often you hear dialogue coming from somewhere in the center of the room and overall the sound is quite hollow. Definitely NOT good.

A couple of interviews where you clearly see that the cast is bored with doing them and a trailer are the extra’s you’ll find on this disc.

Animal Factory promises a lot. Steve Buscemi is the director and with a cast including Edward Furlong, Willem Dafoe, Steve Buscemi himself, Mickey Rourke and Danny Trejo (Con Air, From Dusk till Dawn) you would expect greatness. Unfortunately, the movie is rather slow-paced and it takes way too long before things get rolling. On the other hand, it does show the hardness of life in prison so I’m having mixed feelings about this film. I suggest you rent it and see for yourself

Our Score:

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