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Teddy Chin (Yee Jee Tso) and Milo Hoffman (Ryan Philippe) are two young computer geniuses who want to start up an open license software company when Milo gets approached by Gary Winston (Tim Robbins) to work for NURV on a secret satellite communication system called Synapse. Although having doubts in the beginning, the attraction of working for a huge company like NURV is too big and Milo accepts the deal and parts from his friend Teddy.

When Teddy gets murdered and Milo finds out that if Synapse doesn’t meet its deadline NURV will go bankrupt things start to turn bad really fast. While Milo thought he would have the job of his life, he notices that Gary Winston will do everything in his power to eliminate his competitors and get Synapse online before the deadline. He turns to his girlfriend Alice and colleague Lisa, but who is to be trusted as Gary Winston has all the money in the world to buy whoever he wants ?

Antitrust makes no secret from the fact that NURV acts a lot like Microsoft and that the ambitious Gary Winston shows quite a lot of resemblence with Bill Gates. Let’s just hope that the real software giant doesn’t do the same actions like NURV 😉

In the beginning, the movie starts slow but once Milo’s friend gets killed and the first clues are found, everything goes into next gear and we’re off for a fast-paced spin into techno-land.

Sound and Vision:
The anamorphic view is excellent as usual and the colors are very natural. Edge enhancements are very rarely to be noticed and the shadow details are excellent. The sound is comfortable and easy to listen to. Overall, sound and vision are good quality.

There’s 4 extras including deleted scenes (not subtitled), theatrical trailer, music video from Everclear (When it all goes wrong) and a documentary called “Cracking the Code” which is a Making Of whith interviews with the cast and crew and pieces of scenes and behind-the-scenes footage. Overall, the documentary gives an analysis on the storyline of the movie.

Antitrust is an enjoyable action thriller with a flurishing Tim Robbins as the megalomaniac Gary Winston who will stop at nothing to become the number one in the market with his company

Our Score:

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